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More fun, less stress

That’s what a Trail Adventures Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail tour is all about.

We do all the donkey work, the admin and the quality control, so that you’re free to focus on enjoying the ride and the incredible NZ scenery.

All of our experiences include your first night staying at Aoraki/Mount Cook or Tekapo, two of the most photographed and visited locations in all of New Zealand and an absolute must-have for any Alps 2 Ocean cycling experience.

Self-Guided | Fully-Supported

Our supported self-guided Alps 2 Ocean experiences enable you to ride the entire trail, or parts of it, from the official start point at Aoraki/Mount Cook or the alternative start at Lake Tekapo. You can choose your pace, from more leisurely to fast and furious. Click on a tour to view the available tour details.

A2O The Full Monty – 8 Days

The full Alps 2 Ocean experience allowing for a comfortable ride each day. This includes a scenic walk to the Tasman Glacier lookout, a van trip to view the Clay Cliffs, almost all meals and a celebratory drink at Scotts’ Brewery. With specific start dates, accommodation is guaranteed.



A2O 7 Days

The full Alps 2 Ocean experience with 6 cycling days. A popular choice for leisurely riding while still providing plenty of time to admire the scenery.



A2O 6 Days

The full Alps 2 Ocean experience with 5 cycling days which is perfect if you’ve only got a week off work or are wanting to incorporate the mighty A2O into a longer South Island adventure.



A2O 5 Days

The full Alps 2 Ocean adventure with 4 cycling days. This allows for a faster-paced ride, combining sections of the trail into each day – ideal for for more experienced riders or those keen for a harder challenge.



A2O 5 Days

Enjoy the top half of the Alps 2 Ocean adventure from the official start point at Aoraki/Mount Cook with 5 cycling days.



A2O 4 Days

Enjoy the top half of the Alps 2 Ocean adventure from the official start point at Tekapo through to Omarama with 4 cycling days.



Children on the A2O

A2O is a testing trail for most riders, and whilst there are many parts of the trail that are user friendly to riders of all abilities, there are sections that test the best.

We do not recommend this trail for any riders inexperienced, or on cycles under 26inch.

If an adult is adamant that a child is capable, and signs this as being the case, then they will need to take full responsibility for the person, and their cycle/gear.

Whilst we offer to assist whenever and wherever there is an issue, this is not always possible to be completed in a short timeframe, due to accessibility, and staff being available, and in proximity.

Everything’s taken care of

Accommodation, bike hire & accessories and the majority of  your meals

Self-guided while fully supported

You get to go at your own pace with the security of having vehicle support should you need it

Flexible & affordable tour options

Choose from one of our pre-arranged tours or build your own to suit

Small groups & personal service

Enjoy the camaraderie without the queues of a big tour operator

We have done many bike trips around the world in Italy, Germany, Austria, Vietnam and New Zealand Otago Rail Trail. This was by far the best in terms of both scenery and Vaughan’s service. We can’t recommend highly enough.

John Stratton and Carolyn Webster-Stratton
Stellar ride and support!  Three e-bikes, 1 push bike, and 1 heli-ride took us from Mt Cook to Duntroon with Vaughan always just a phone call or message away to support us. He’s a can-do chap and a pleasure to be around. He happily personalised our itinerary and really clocked-up the k’s supporting us. 4 days were wet, wet, wet, but the last 3 were mostly dry and lovely – we loved every minute of our ride. Our accommodation and lunches were fantastic, and our dinners at Father Ted’s were incredible. Would love to meet Aimee some day, and maybe they can visit Rotorua, stay with us, and enjoy the bike trails in Whaka forest.
Carson and Shula Group

A true adventure in magnificent landscape with friends assisted by friendly and professional staff and top quality accommodation, food, facilities and logistics.

I can’t give enough superlatives about this trip. The scenery was stunning and varied from start to finish–it was most glorious scenery on a bike trip that we have had. The service by Vaughan and Aimee was likewise superb. They were very accommodating in ensuring we had a great adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trail elevation?2020-08-26T13:57:39+12:00

Alps 2 Ocean Trail Elevation

How fit do I have to be?2020-08-25T13:35:38+12:00

You’ll need to have a moderate level of fitness to ride the trail. Some sections are classed as easy, while others are intermediate. This is not a rail-trail – there are inclines, declines and varied trail surfaces which means your sense of accomplishment is increased accordingly too! Most of the sections are between 30-50km. If you ride at an average of 10km per hour, this is 3-5 hours of riding.  If it’s a worry for you then we recommend choosing the E-Bike option.

Are there toilets on each section of the trail?2020-08-23T15:41:58+12:00

Yes. The locations of these are shown on the maps which can be found in the information booklet we provide you with. They should be stocked with toilet paper however it might be a good idea to bring your own as well just in case.

What happens if I get a puncture or break down on the trail?2020-08-25T13:36:28+12:00

We are always just a phone call or text away for any help.

It is expected that at least one person in your group will know how to repair a puncture. Click the link to learn.


How long does each section take to ride?2020-08-23T15:39:11+12:00

This varies between sections and is also dependent on your levels of fitness, experience and confidence.  Feel free to get in touch and ask us for specifics.

How much of the trail is on road/highway?2022-09-12T13:05:35+12:00

There are sections that are on road however these are very quiet roads and you will expect to see very few, if any, vehicles while you ride.

What if I get sick or injured while riding the trail?2020-08-23T15:29:06+12:00

We offer supported experiences. This means that if you need our assistance we are just a phone call away. We will endeavour to get to you as quickly as possible however if it is an emergency, it is best to call 111 immediately. We can offer a transfer from one accommodation provider to the next for a customer who decides they do not want to ride on a particular day due to sickness or injury. This will be done when luggage is being moved so must be organised prior. There may be a cost associated with this however this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

What is the weather like on the trail?2020-08-23T15:28:21+12:00

The weather on the trail can change quickly at any time of the year so it is important that you are prepared for this in terms of clothing and equipment that you bring and carry with you while riding. In general, the temperature tends to range between 15 – 25 degrees in summer (December, January, February, March) however it can be as cold as 5 degrees or as hot as 35 degrees. At other times during the cycling season (October, November, April, May) the temperature is usually between 10 – 20 degrees however it can be as cold as 0 degrees and as warm as 25 degrees.

Can I ride the trail in both directions?2020-08-23T15:29:44+12:00

Yes you can. However the majority of riders cycle from Aoraki (the Alps) to Oamaru (the Ocean) as the name of the trail suggests. This is because for the most part it is downhill and the prevailing wind will be behind you.

What if the helicopter can’t fly?2020-08-23T15:30:32+12:00

Please be aware that at times, due to weather conditions, the helicopter is unable to fly or has to take an alternative route. If the helicopter is unable to fly, we transfer you around to the nearest safest starting point to the helicopter drop off to continue riding. We also provide a $90 refund for this. If the helicopter has to land at an alternative location, you can decide to pay an additional $180 per person for this (it’s a longer flight) or be transferred around the lake with the $90 refund.

Can I bring my own bike?2022-07-21T12:12:07+12:00

Yes you can. This is one of the options you have at the time of booking. Please be aware that there is a cost associated with transporting your bike from one location to the next if you are getting a transfer with us. Please ensure your bike has recently been serviced and that you carry a personal repair kit that contains items such as an inner tube, pump and puncture repair kit. If you bring your own bike and you require repairs, we will do our best to help however it is likely there will be a cost associated with this and there is a chance we won’t be able to carry out the repairs ourselves.

Can I bring my own bike components?2021-03-02T20:12:56+13:00

To some extent, yes. You may want to ride with your own clip pedals. Please ensure your pedals have clean, undamaged thread to avoid damage to our bikes. We have 2 sets of SPD pedals available to hire for $25 for the duration of your ride. Please let us know in advance if you wish to use these.

What is cellphone reception like? Do I need a GPS tracker?2020-08-23T15:32:22+12:00

There are some parts of the trail where cellphone reception is very patchy or non-existent. The section between Lake Ohau Lodge and Omarama is the main section where this applies. It may be wise to carry a GPS tracker with you. You can hire one from Lake Ohau Lodge for $15 and return to the Omarama isite by 4pm the same day.

Do I need a torch for the Rakis Railway Tunnel (Duntroon – Oamaru section)?2020-08-23T15:33:19+12:00

Yes. The tunnel is over 100m long and bends in the middle which means that natural lighting is extremely poor.  Please ensure you have a bike light, headlight or torch. Alternatively, please walk your bike through the tunnel.

Do I have to cook my own meals?2020-08-23T15:33:55+12:00

If you are doing the 9 day/8 night self-guided tour or a build your own tour that includes a stay at Braemar Station and/or Grandview Farmstay then the answer is yes. For dinner at Braemar Station you will have the option of steak or salmon and we will ask you which you would prefer on Day 1. Please be aware that all food will be prepared for dinner for you, however you will need to cook the steak or salmon yourselves. At Grandview Farmstay, once again, all food will be prepared for you however there will be some cooking required. At all other accommodation providers where food is part of your package, there is no cooking required.

Can I purchase alcohol at each stop?2020-08-23T15:34:36+12:00

No, not at all locations as some of the accommodation providers are in remote locations. We are able to transfer drinks with your luggage from one provider to the next.

Oamaru has plenty of options, from supermarkets to bars and eateries.

Twizel, Omarama and Kurow have Four Square supermarkets as well as other options such as pubs and restaurants.

Aoraki has eateries/bars where you can purchase alcohol.

Lake Ohau Lodge has it’s own bar facilities.

Duntroon has a pub.

Braemar Station does not have any facilities.

Are there places to stop along the trail to buy food and drinks?2020-08-23T15:35:20+12:00

No, not all sections have this option. These are listed below:

Section 1: Aoraki to Braemar.

Section 3: Twizel to Ohau.

Section 4: Ohau to Omarama.

Alternative section: Tekapo to Twizel.

Are there places to stop to fill up my water bottle?2020-08-23T15:35:50+12:00

Yes although these are not always available on every section so we recommend starting each day with enough water for the full distance of that day. Our hire bikes are fitted with one bottle cage that is designed for use with a 750ml water bottle. You can carry extra water in the rear pannier or a hydration pack.

How do I get to Omarama?2020-08-23T15:36:30+12:00

Flying into Queenstown or Christchurch is best.

If you are travelling by vehicle, from Christchurch City Centre, it is 315km and takes 4 hours via SH1 and SH8. From Queenstown, it is 170km and takes 2 hours 10 minutes via SH6 and SH8.

By bus.

The Intercity bus departs from Christchurch City Centre at 8:30am arriving in Omarama at 1:50pm.

The InterCity bus departs from Queenstown at 8:05am and arrives in Omarama at 10:35am.

Please be aware that catching either of these morning buses will require that you arrive and stay 1 night prior to the bus departure date (as flights generally do not arrive early enough for you to meet the bus). We suggest checking the current Intercity timetables on their website before making any travel plans.

Can I leave my car at your depot?2020-08-23T15:37:06+12:00

Yes. If you are doing one of our experiences you may leave your car at the depot free of charge.

What clothing do I need to bring?2020-08-23T15:37:36+12:00

We provide you with a detailed clothing and equipment list so you can be prepared for your experience.

Enquire about available dates or make a booking

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